Flexibility is the most powerful capability of LAT-Map™


The system is designed as a loosely coupled Client-Server Architecture. The databases supported can either be Access or MS SQL Server. The system can be loaded locally (all-in-one) or distributed (server tools separate from client installations). Due to the flexibility of the design, contact us to see how we can fit into your most stringent of requirements.

The client system of LAT-MAP™ easily runs on virtually ANY Windows-based system. The minimal requirements are:

  • – Windows XP or higher
  • – 1GB Memory
  • – 200 MB HD space

The system can run on the oldest of your machines, and/or the newest PAD devices and everywhere in between.

Setting Up

LAT-MAP™ can be easily setup and configured to run at your facility within just a few minutes. All that is truly needed is a picture of your floor layout (*We can provide this design service for you) as well as a list of your destination points (*We can also provide this design service for you) and spend a few minutes plotting the points on your map. That's all. Additional items, such as point descriptions, multi-languages, and photos can all be done later. Keep in mind that we have a team of design professionals ready to assist you with any of these tasks, if you need us to.


We tried to "load" the LAT-MAP™ with as many features and capabilities as we could, but we know there are probably other features and functions that we didn't think of yet. Contact us with your requirements. Due to the system modularity and flexibility in design, we can easily update, upgrade, change, modify and enhance the LAT-MAP™ to do virtually anything. Talk to us, let us know your needs.

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