Add more destination points, additional floors, more buildings more detail, more marketing ...etc., all at any time.

As part of the LAT-MAP™ installation, the LAT-MAP™ Manager software provides you a complete control over the definition, rules and the general operation of the system for all of its users. At any time, additional destination nodes can be added and more information added for LAT-MAP™ to process.

Any changes done to the LAT-MAP™ database are reflected in all LAT-MAP™ installations instantly.

Once defined, any destination point can be further enhanced with photos and descriptive language to define the point to the end user. The visitors to your facility feel that they are empowered with in depth understanding of not only where they are going, but why.

Knowing the "why" of any medical procedure is just as important as knowing where, how and how-long. Provide key information for any destination point you define..

Download Datasheet (PDF)