The path are generated "on-the-fly" so as to guide your visitors based on your immediate rules.

LAT-MAP™ paths are not predefined in any way, but are rather generated based on current rules and conditions. As your day-to-day operations change, the LAT-MAP™ engine changes with you. For example:

"Lets assume that there is spillage in Corridor A and the clean-up crew is working there now. Define this condition via LAT-MAP™ Manager and the LAT-MAP™ will then dynamically and instantenously route the visitors in your facility around the Corridor A.

This ability to dynamically create paths based on your rules is not only valuable in case of disasters, but also at critical times.

If you know that the Cafeteria is swamped during lunch hours, route all of the destination paths around that area...or, if you wish to increase patronage into your newly opened Cafe, route people close to it - you are in control.

In addition, as your facilities change and/or evolve due to additional construction, or internal changes, the
system continues to deliver value with very little intervention. Simply add additional destination points, or move the existing points to their new locations.

Any changes done to the LAT-MAP™ database are reflected in all LAT-MAP™ installations instantly.

Download Datasheet (PDF)