LAT-MAP™ operates in a number of languages both on-screen as well as on the print-out.

The visitors to your facility can easily use LAT-MAP™ in a language of their choice. Once selected, an alternate language is then used to generate directional guides as well as descriptive elements of the destination points. In addition, if the user chooses to print a navigational map, that is also printed with the selected language.

Additional languages can be easily added to the system via the Language Elements of the LAT-MAP™ Manager Software. Various language dialects or special terminology can also be easily added.

By furthering the usefulness of the system, we are again delivering value to the patients, their families and visitors. The users of the system feel that "this is easy" and simple, and will use it more and more.

The ability to allow the system to be used in multiple languages, is a huge time-saver for my staff, who are constantly stopped or asked by patients "how do we get there?".

Download Datasheet (PDF)